[1600-luku] Cluverius, P.: Germania Antiqua Septentrionalis


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Philippus Cluverius (Philipp Clüver) (1580-1622)

Germania Antiqua Septentrionalis : Cum finitimis regionibus Scythicis et Sarmaticis

Rare 17th century map of Scandinavia. Uncoloured copperplate engraving. Engraved by Christian Lorensen Rothgiesser.
Decorative cartouche with information about the North.

In the upper left corner text ”Oceanus Septentrionalis Qui Et Hyperboreus”, in the lower right corner a picture of the hyperboreans.

Small patch (2 cm x 2 cm) next to the hyperboreans is restored, the patch is slightly visible, there is a colour difference.

Year of printing ca. 1650
Place of printing Leiden
Technique kuparipiirros / kopparstick / copper engraving
Illustrations mustavalkoinen / svartvit / black and white
Dimensions 43 x 53,5 cm
Condition 3. Small patch restored
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