Elwe, I. B.: Partie Meridionale de Moscovie



Elwe, Jan Barend; de l’Isle, Guillaume

Partie Meridionale de Moscovie Dressee Par G. de L’Isle

18th century map of part of the European Russia.
Copper plate engraving with regions coloured.

Important cities, waterways, mountains and administrative areas are marked on the map.
Moscow is centered in the middle,
Minsk and Kiev on the west side, Samara and Astrakhan on the east side.
Explaining texts in French.

Good condition with wide margins.

Elwe’s map is based on the previous work by Guillaume de L’Isle.

Year of printing ca. 1790
Place of printing Amsterdam
Technique kuparipiirros / kopparstick / copper engraving
Illustrations käsinväritetty / handkolorerade / hand coloured
Dimensions 44 x 57 cm
Condition 3
Condition explanations (5) Mint, (4) Very good, (3) Good, (2) Fair, (1) Poor

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