[15th century] Schedel, Hartmann: Germania Magna, Dacia, Norwega Sweden Finland



Hartmann Schedel (1440-1514) – Hieronymos Münzer (1437-1508)

[Germania Magna, Dacia, Norwega Sweden Finland]

Early map of the Northern Europe including Scandinavia. Woodblock engraving.
The map is from the German edition of Schedel’s Nürnberger Chronik (Nurnberg Chronicle), published in 1493.

The map is partly restored from the verso side.

Year of printing 1493, German ed.
Place of printing Nurnberg
Technique puupiirros / träsnitt / wood engraving
Dimensions 40 x 58 cm
Condition 3, partly restored
Condition explanations (5) Mint, (4) Very good, (3) Good, (2) Fair, (1) Poor
Other Verso text in German