[17th century] Doncker, H.: Oost-Zee Streckende van Dageroort tot Wyborgh



Hendrick Doncker (1626-1699)

Oost-Zee Streckende van Dageroort tot Wyborgh

17th century sea chart of the Gulf of Finland. The map shows the Finnish coast eastward from Helsinki all the way to Viborg.
The Estonian coastline shows from Hiiumaa to Narva. Also a insert map of the Bay of Viborg.

Copper engraving with hand-coloured outlines. Decorative cartouche. Two compass roses.

The map has short margins. The lower margin is cut very neatly.

Year of printing ca. 1690
Place of printing Amsterdam
Technique kuparipiirros / kopparstick / copper engraving
Illustrations käsinväritetty / handkolorerade / hand coloured
Dimensions 53 x 61 cm
Condition 3. Lyhyeksi leikatut marginaalit / klippta marginaler / short margins
Condition explanations (5) Mint, (4) Very good, (3) Good, (2) Fair, (1) Poor