Window Exhibition 2018


"Chosen with Thought" window exhibition 2018

Every month a person of culture chooses a selection of books with thought and according to their own taste, which is then presented in our shop window on Uudenmaankatu. In October 2018 the books in the shop window are chosen by visual designer Kimmo Viskari. We invite you to come and take a look!

Window exhibition guests in 2018:

January: Stig-Björn Nyberg
February: Elina Brotherus
March: Juha Janhunen
April: Bitte Westerlund
May: Emma Jääskeläinen
June: Teemu Lipasti
July: Erkka Filander
August: Frans August Hagelstam
September: Visa Norros
Oktober: Kimmo Viskari